Fifth Business (n)

Those roles in theatre or novels being neither hero or heroine, but which were nonetheless essential to further and bring about the final resolution of the plot; the actor who played this role was often referred to as “fifth business”.

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5th BUSINESS associates was established in 1997 by Liz Watkinson. Liz has over 25 years experience and is an Accredited Member of the Canadian Decorators Association of Canada.

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Committed to being a client responsive interior decorating firm, 5th BUSINESS associates provides interior decorating solutions tailored to each client’s and each project’s specific needs. Whether your goal is to have a home to enjoy, as an investment, or both, 5th BUSINESS can help.

We’re your representative, looking out for your interests, while guiding you through the entire design and implementation process.

Liz Watkinson

  • With over 25 years of experience in the interior decorating, interior design and furniture industry, she has managed an interior design studio, and was responsible for both residential and corporate projects.
  • She has experience in all aspects of design, project management, scheduling and co-ordination.
  • Liz has had exposure to many diverse cultures, architecture, art forms, and interiors, enhancing the ability to interpret a client’s preferences and styles. Whether contemporary or traditional, exotic or eclectic, this versatility enables 5th BUSINESS to come up with innovative solutions that work.
  • Liz takes a consultative approach with her clients, drawing from her years of experience, and acts as a resource in all aspects of the interior decorating and design process. Her sense of colour, texture and balance, result in interiors that are both pleasing and functional, yet reflective of the client’s style and preferences.