Our process divides each project into the following five steps…


Predesign is the information gathering and analysis stage. It encompasses all work necessary prior to actually designing your home or space. During this phase we formulate a detailed “program” which defines your needs and objectives. We consider function, image, preferences, spaces, and numerous other factors that affect how you use the spaces. We establish budgets and time lines. The quality of information we gather at this preliminary stage is critical to the successful completion of the project.

Design Concepts

This is the conceptual brainstorming and exploration phase. We prepare preliminary layouts and sketches of rooms and/or furniture. A direction towards colour, style of furniture and furnishings, accompanied with photographs, samples etc. are presented for discussion. This stage sets the stage for refining the design. Preliminary pricing is begun as each design issue is approved.

Design Development

During this phase we refine the conceptual design. Interior detailing, staircases, moldings, fireplaces, lighting and built-in cabinetry are designed. Plans and elevations are prepared. Recommendations for furniture and furnishings are made. Materials, fabrics, finishes, and paint colours are selected and presented. Pricing is completed for discussion and approval.

Working Drawings & Specifications

Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared to reflect the design. These drawings are essential for implementation purposes. They define the technical information required to build what has been designed.

Design Coordination & Implementation

During this phase we supervise the contractor and/or trades to ensure that the design is being implemented to the specifications set out as well as monitoring the quality of the workmanship. Shopping for items such as furniture and furnishings, window coverings, flooring, lighting, fixtures, etc. is completed. Upon construction completion, we oversee the installation and placement of furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

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